Liquidity.net is a boutique prime liquidity provider created to serve the needs of banks, brokerage companies, hedge funds, and asset managers of all sizes.

We offer our clients wide-ranging products tailored to their specific multi-asset liquidity and flexible credit-line requirements. We are committed to meeting the liquidity needs of institutions of all sizes with our flexible, custom-tailored offer.

With a highly qualified team with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we aim to bridge the gap between you and top-tier prime brokerage providers, ECNs, and non-bank liquidity pools. Our goal is to work with you to match your business to the appropriate liquidity at the right price.


Secure access to top tier liquidity with flexible collateral and credit requirements

Prime broker relationship management

Our team of industry-leading professionals is here to support you

Contact us so we can work together and leverage our relationships to help you overcome your liquidity challenges. We are ready to respond with tailored products, designed to overcome any challenge you might encounter regarding liquidity.

Using our well-established relationships with ECNs, banks, and non-bank liquidity providers, Liquidity.net stands ready to apply its expertise to help you meet your liquidity needs across a wide pool of asset classes. Our mission is to work with you to find a solution for your liquidity and support needs.

Whether you have a prime broker or not, we can work with you to offer competitive spreads, flexible leverage and ensure that we maximise the value of your existing liquidity, or find more appropriate liquidity for your business.

Over 90% of our business is already built on tailored relationships with prime and retail brokers, banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and other companies in need of securing access to foreign exchange, CFDs, metals, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency liquidity pools.

Get access to the right liquidity at the right price today and join Liquidity.net’s rapidly growing client base!


Outsource Your Prime Broker Needs

With uncertain economic conditions taking hold across the globe in 2020, Liquidity.net stands ready to support its clients and deliver a service that will enable your business to use our top-tier liquidity relationships for forex, metals, CFDs, and commodities at a fraction of the cost typically charged by our competitors. With flexible leverage and credit requirements, we are ready to solve the challenging needs of even our most demanding clients.

  • Secure interbank access to Tier 1 liquidity in forex, metals, CFDs, and commodities
  • Use our credit lines to access tailored multi-asset prime brokerage liquidity pools
  • Ensure top-notch execution rates and market depth for your clients
  • Leverage our liquidity management expertise


Who Do We Work With?

Our partners range from small brokers to asset managers to large banks. Driven by our swift growth in the EMEA region right after Liquidity.net’s launch, our pool of liquidity further strengthens our position to secure excellent trading conditions for all of our partners.

We take the time to understand how issues such as credit allowances, trading conditions, market data and depth impact our clients and constantly monitor the quality of the liquidity they access.

Our focus is always on building and nurturing relationships. With over 90% of our institutional business coming through referrals, our partners find themselves in a unique position, being able to access high-quality financing sources at a reasonable price.


We support all the infrastructure requirements of banks that offer brokerage services, letting them concentrate on brand and business development while reducing their dependence on legacy systems.


We work with retail brokerages to provide liquidity coverage, reliable bridging, real-time reporting, margin trading, white labelling, and risk management services, enabling them to expand their offering quickly and improve the experience for their customers.

Asset managers

Our prime offering delivers anonymity and clearing via tier-1 banks for asset managers, enhancing portfolio management and making it easier to bring new customers onboard.